Camera Doesn't Lie About Parking Tickets

New measure proves a success in reducing incorrect PCNs

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A local councillor is hailing as a success the idea of requiring Parking Attendants to use digital cameras to record offences .

Gary Malcolm( pictured right with a parking attendant), the Liberal Democrat Councillor for Southfield ward initially proposed the measure after conducting a survey on the issue of parking in Ealing Borough. He recently spent a morning with a parking attendant to check out whether the new scheme is working.

This idea came from a review of Ealing Council’s parking services after the events in Bedford Park where the Zone B renewal process was botched up, leaving many residents getting ticketed when they had paid for a permit but had not received them.

Cllr Malcolm, who is the Lib Dem Transport spokesperson, said, “Many residents are sick of getting parking tickets from the council when they have done nothing wrong. The Lib Dems persuaded the council to get the parking attendants cameras. When I went around with the parking attendant the new system seems to give more safeguards to residents.”

Gary added: “If residents are given a ticket they feel is wrong they can see the photograph and this should reduce the number of incorrect tickets that people are given.“

Parking attendants now take pictures marked with the time of the alleged offence and, if appropriate the relevant CPZ signs.

April 4, 2007