Ealing Scores a Double in Unconventional Awards Ceremony

Council tops London’s League Table with 55% increase in PCNs

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Figures released this week name Ealing Borough as having the highest increase in tickets issued to motorists for offences – up 55% on 2005. According to a Philip’s London Street Atlas survey the implementation of traffic and parking fines is inconsistent throughout the London Boroughs.

Where Ealing fine figures have risen, Islington, in sharp contrast, has reduced the number of tickets issued by 55 per cent. The staggering results prompted the Atlas to publish its own awards.

The Award for highest increase in tickets given to motorists 2005/6 over 2004/5:

1st: Ealing Up 55%
2nd: Enfield Up 47%
3rd Hackney Up 25%

The Award for highest decrease in tickets given to motorists 2005/6 over 2004/5:

1st: Islington Down 55%
2nd: Richmond Down 25%
3rd Greenwich Down 21%%

The Award for the most tickets given to motorists per person of population 2005/6 over 2004/5

1st: City of London 6.25 tickets per person
2nd: Westminster 3.14 tickets per person
3rd Camden 2.67 tickets per person

The Award for decreasing the tickets given to motorists at the highest rate 2005/6 over 2004/5

1st: Havering 0.18 tickets per person
2nd: Greenwich 0.22 tickets per person
3rd Lewisham 0.26 tickets per person

And the Atlas Award for “sneakiness” to motorists:

Ealing for the Most Bus Lane Traffic Offences - over 70,000 - 45% more than the next highest
Camden for the most 'Moving Traffic' Offences - a staggering 27% for the total for London
Camden again for the most cars clamped - again, a staggering 27% of the total for London
Westminster for the most cars removed to pounds - over 19,000; double the next highest

The survey also reveals Londoners attitudes to parking fines:

  • Nearly seven out of 10 think that the current fines are too expensive.
  • Two thirds think that traffic wardens are rarely or only occasionally fair and they are less popular than speed cameras.
  • Over 40% think that the sole purpose of parking fines is to raise cash for London boroughs

London drivers have more problems to encounter than most, from record levels of parking fines to the congestion charge. According to the Philip’s London Street Atlas survey (which will be including the new congestion zone in its latest edition) a third of motorists think that congestion charge is too expensive and only one in four think it has eased the capital's congestion problems. The Congestion Charging Zone is extended as of Monday 19th February.

February 15, 2007