Council 'clamps' down on illegal parking

Clamping and removal to be introduced in Ealing Borough

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For further information about this service, call the council’s parking operations team on 020 8825 6677. For information about removed vehicles, call the London-wide TRACE service on 020 7747 4747.

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From Monday March 14 Ealing Council will introduce clamping and removal for illegally parked vehicles.

Illegal parking includes parking on double yellow lines, parking in a disabled bay without displaying a valid Blue Badge, parking at a Pay and Display bay without a valid ticket, and all other parking offences for which a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) can currently be issued.

Clamped vehicles will only be released on payment of the release fee (£65) plus the penalty charge and vehicles not paid for promptly may be removed.

Removed vehicles will be taken to the council’s vehicle pound at Brent Crescent, NW10 and will be released only on payment of the removal fee (£150) plus the penalty charge. Vehicles not claimed within 24 hours will incur storage charges (£25 per day) and if not claimed may ultimately be disposed of, incurring a further disposal charge (£65).

One or both of the measures are already used under the Road Traffic Act 1991 in more than half of London boroughs, as a deterrent to drivers who are considering parking illegally, causing obstruction and congestion.

Councillor Ray Wall, cabinet member for Transport and Planning said, ""It is the council's job to keep the borough's streets clear of illegally parked vehicles which can be dangerous or obstructive, and unfortunately the threat of a PCN does not seem to discourage people from parking in this way. We are introducing clamping and removal as a further deterrent and we hope that the threat of the increased charges associated with this scheme will help to reduce this problem. People who park legally need not be concerned - this is about targeting people who disregard the law."

As with all enforcement action, any driver who feels they have been unfairly treated can write to the council with their objections, or refer the matter to an independent body, the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service, for a final and binding decision on whether the council is right or not.

March 2, 2005