One Cancelled Two To Go

Resident goes straight to the top to query council’s PCN policy

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Chiswick resident Deborah Pullen was so incensed by the inconsistencies displayed by Ealing Council over their parking policies; she ditched the middle man and went straight to the top.

In a letter to Leader of the Council, Jason Stacey, she queries why, after being issued with three parking fines for the same offence, one has been cancelled whilst the other two were upheld.

After receiving notification of her one successful appeal, she wrote to Cllr Stacey saying “I have received a cancellation of one notice but an upholding of the other two. The circumstances are the same. It is therefore natural to assume that if my challenge for an offence was accepted in one instance, it cannot be declined, for precisely the same offence over the subsequent two days.”

The three Penalty Charge Notices were issued whilst Ms Pullen was away over the New Year because her Residents’ Parking Permit was not clearly displayed.

In her appeal she was able to produce proof that she had both a valid Residents’ Parking Permit and a Tax Disc leading to the cancellation of the first PCN but not the subsequent two.

She explained “In my rushing from the home, I put the new tax disc in the car, unfortunately obscuring the Residents’ Parking Permit. It would not have been difficult to work this out as my tax disc holder had an invalid disc in it and my residents parking permit holder was clearly displaying the new tax disc. It would also not have been difficult to check to find out whether I was defaulting.”

Ms Pullen is calling on Cllr Stacey in his position in determining the council’s strategic management and policy development to consider how borough residents are being subjected to “over-zealous bullying and incompetency.”

February 15, 2007