Life for Larden Road murderer

Ealing man convicted of drug related killing

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A man was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Old Bailey on Friday for a murder that took place in Larden Road in December 2000.

David Wilson, a 37 year old man from Ealing, was told he
must serve a minimum of 25 years for the murder of 21 year old Dwight Jones. He will also be serving concurrent sentences of 24 years for conspiracy to supply class A drugs and 12 years for possession with intent to supply class A drugs.

Police were called to Larden Road in the early hours of the morning of December 8th, where they found Jones in the driver's seat of a white Fiat car. He had been shot in the head and died later of his injuries in hospital.

The investigation into the murder took over three years, as police put together a picture of the events leading to Dwight Jones's death. Police believe that Mr Jones had been involved in the supply of controlled drugs and, in September 2000, Mr Jones and two other men stole what is believed to be 1 kilo of heroin from a man known as "Maggie".

"Maggie" was a dealer for his brother David Wilson, who attempted to retrieve the drugs from Mr Jones's family but was unsuccessful. Witnesses at the trial said that Wilson is a principle member of a group of Jamaicans who control the distribution of cocaine and heroin across England. It was also said that he boasted to many people of the killing of Dwight Jones stating that 'no
one robs him and gets away with it'.

When police carried out searches on properties related to Wilson, they found large quantities of cash, drugs and firearms. Wilson pleaded guilty to the drugs related charges and not guilty to murder.

DI Steve Horsley of Operation Trident said: "I am very pleased with the sentence handed out to
David Wilson. It brings a successful conclusion to a case now over four years old.

"Wilson was a very influential drug dealer, with a large operation moving large quantities of
drugs, and I am glad that he has been removed from the streets of London.

"Operation Trident takes crimes of this nature within the black community very seriously and
the conviction of men like Wilson sends a clear message, that where possible, we will pursue
convictions of those responsible."

February 27th, 2004