Ealing Police: street crime is on the up

Police and public must do more to beat the increase

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Latest crime statistics show that street crime in LB Ealing has risen by just under 1% in the last year, against a target of a 3% reduction.

In response, Ealing Police are running a street crime campaign and will be deploying a range of crime reduction tactics - including educating the public in their role in preventing street crime.

During the operation, the police will be undertaking covert policing and increasing their resources to respond quickly to street crime offences. The MPS Territorial Support Group, Police Community Support Officer’s and front line operational police officers will also be deployed on high visibility patrols in current hotspots to reassure the public stop and search known street crime offenders.

The public have a role to play too and the police's message is simple: keep valuables out of sight whenever possible. When you do have to take your phone or cash out in a public place, be aware of who’s around you. Street robbers tend to be opportunistic – don’t make yourself an easy target.

Detective Superintendent Crime, Chris Foster said:  “This campaign will send a clear message to those committing street crimethat there is a greater chance of being arrested, charged and brought before the courts for this offence. We are determined to stop street criminals offending and profiting from their crime. But most of all we are determined to make Ealing Borough’s streets even safer. This campaign outlines our commitment to reducing street crime and hopefully goes some way to transferring the fear of street crime from the victim to the offender.”


Crime Prevention Advice


Here are a few tips that can help you stay safer on the streets. 

With all your journeys

Prepare    Look confident   Avoid risks     Never take safety for granted 

On Public Transport

  • Plan your journey – find out your bus/train times, especially the first and last bus/train times
  • Sit close to the driver/guard Bus – downstairs Train – in a well used carriage with a mix of people.
  • If you feel uneasy move
  • Sit away from the door
  • Know where the alarm is and don’t be afraid to use it when necessary
  • Keep bags and belongings on your lap where you can see them.


Walking Home

  • Keep to well used routes – avoid deserted alleyways and shortcuts
  • Walk in the centre of the pavement away from buildings and facing oncoming traffic
  • In the dark always stick to well lit areas
  • If you suspect you’re being followed cross the road and cross back again. If it seems they are still following then walk to a busy, well-lit area or knock on someone’s door for help.
  • Listening to personal stereos through headphones means you are less alert to your surroundings



  • Be aware of your surroundings when using your mobile, especially at night
  • Avoid displaying your phone where its on public view
  • Remember stations and bus stops are hotspots for mobile theft
  • When carrying a shoulder bag have the strap over your opposite shoulder with the flap/pocket facing towards you
  • Carry laptops in non-descript bags
  • Don’t “flash” your jewellery or expensive watches
  • Keep full details of all electrical items (laptops –serial numbers, phones – IMIE number)


Mobile Phones

  • Don’t leave your phone or PDA on a table in the pub or café. It only takes a moment to distract your attention and it’s gone.


February 14th, 2004