How To Enjoy Visiting Your Dentist!

Ravenscourt Dental Practice's Dr Hitesh Batavia on tackling anxiety at the dentist

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Do you get the most out of your visits to the dentist? Would you like to be helped to overcome anxiety or nervousness so that you can achieve optimum oral health and have a more pleasant experience?

Waiting room jitters

"I must confess to an abject fear of dentistry and indeed dentists but after 20 years of negligence it got to the stage where I had to act… With a mouthful of horrors, I was recommended to Dr. Hitesh, as someone who could kick-start my treatment....He first sought to understand my fear and then reassure me that I would remain in control. The first treatment was done with sedative but after that he challenged me to see what I could actually do by myself. Since then all my smaller treatments have been done normally. Dr. Hitesh and his team have been great. I have a healthy mouth…" 

B.C. 15/07/2014.

As this recent patient testimonial recounts, recognising and dealing with anxiety around dental visits is a vital aspect of patient care. I believe that if children visit the dentist regularly from an early age, they will have a positive approach to oral health and continue to benefit throughout their lives.

Learning to relax

Over the last 27 years, I have learnt that when a patient feels you genuinely want to help them, they start to relax. Therefore I have developed a habit of looking out for the signs as soon as I venture into the waiting room to greet them. My aims are to:

  • Help patients Prevent Further Problems;
  • Put them In Charge of their oral health;
  • Encourage Maintenance following treatment;
  • Alleviate and Eliminate anxiety over time.

Helping you through it

Sometimes it is apparent from a patient’s body language that they are feeling uncomfortable about being here, and if this is being displayed, the whole team will start to reassure them from the moment they enter:

  • We try to create pleasant Sights, Sounds and Smells: The waft of lavender essential oil from the air filter, calming music, and a soothing pleasant decor all help;
  • The first conversation is held whilst sitting in comfortable chairs in the waiting room;
  • Prior to the first examination the patient can have Rescue Remedy, a squeeze ball, an Ipod, and homeopathic or complementary remedies;
  • Before any treatment commences we offer ear muffs, a neckrest, a blanket or a few more drops of Rescue Remedy. Nurses are always on hand to reassure the patient, sometimes with a just a touch on the shoulder, or holding the patient’s hand if this helps.

Nervous patient - video testimonial


If a patient is anxious about their visit here, he or she is likely to be anxious in a number of other situations in life. This can be deep-rooted and due to past experiences. For others the issue can stem from the feeling of not being in control. Whatever the cause I find it beneficial to deal with any anxiety before commencing treatment.

"I have been using Ravenscourt Dental Practice for over 3 years now…. I think the fact that I often fall asleep in the dentist’s chair illustrates how relaxing the experience can be. The advice I have had has also been of great help and I am sure saves me money in the long run!"

P.H. 18/06/2014.

Going Forward

Before your next visit to the dentist, I would suggest you take a few moments to reflect on what makes you nervous. Once you understand the cause of your anxiety, you can communicate this to your dentist, and he or she will then be better-equipped to help you overcome this. I sincerely hope your future dental visits will echo the sentiments expressed by the patients in the testimonials above.

As always if you have any questions please contact us on 0208 748 4023, the team are available to answer your questions with no obligation.

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To hear about other patients’ experiences, please log on to our website: to view video testimonials.

Ravenscourt Dental Practice, 5 Ravenscourt Avenue, London W6 0SL. Tel: 020 8748 4023, Email:


September 2, 2014