Council has no power to prevent tram compounds

Ealing are unable to stop TfL's construction sites

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Ealing councillors and senior officers have informed the Tram Advisory Committee that they can not veto TfL’s plans to build compounds the size of a football pitch on sensitive sites in the borough including Twyford High School.

In the past, the Council has argued that its support for the tram - including the £1.1M of Council taxpayer’s money so far spent on the project – has given it enhanced influence on TfL. This is despite TfL’s proposals to build large tram construction compounds on sensitive sites that even the Council has opposed.

Conservative Transport Spokesman, Cllr Will Brooks said last week’s admission from councillors and officers showed the folly of Ealing's support of the unpopular tram scheme. He said “Finally the Council has admitted that its staunch support for TfL cannot in the end buy favours for the borough in regard to the compounds. If TfL wants to build compounds in a school, that is where they will go regardless of whether the Council finds this acceptable or not. The Council is now isolated in its support for the tram, and by making it clear that its support is absolute it has thrown away any leverage it may have had with TfL.”

Hillingdon Council recently came out against this controversial project as has Hammersmith and Fulham Council leaving Ealing Council as the only local authority on the route backing the project.

However, TravelWatch, a group which represents passengers' interests on local public transport gave their backing to the tram though with some reservations  believing that various issues and concerns need addressing in order for to get the public support essential to its success. Following a public meeting in Ealing, Brian Cooke, Chairman, London TravelWatch, said, “The discussion was extremely lively – it’s clearly a scheme which has the capacity to excite real passion, and we had a very good, rigorous debate.”

A significant majority of London TravelWatch board members voted to maintain the ‘in-principle’ support, but there were various issues that were a matter of concern. Opponents of the tram dismissed the group's announcement as irrelevant pointing out that only one of the board's 21 members lives on the tram route with most of them resident outside the West London area.


February 15, 2006