Route of 'Acton by-pass' revealed

Likely diversion for traffic in TfL's revised plans

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The recent revelation that Transport for London was planning to divert all traffic travelling westbound down the Askew Road 'in the direction of the A4' has caused a huge amount of uncertainty about proposals for a West London Tram. With the consultation close to a conclusion it remains unclear whether there are any plans to notify residents of this alteration to the scheme as presented in the original consultation documentation.

The sketch map below shows the likely route that traffic will have to follow. Residents are already labelling it the Acton By-pass.

Probable route of 'Acton By-pass'

Map by Esmond Reid

Click here for larger version of map

The intention of TfL (Transport for London) is to divert traffic onto the A4 which will then rejoin the Uxbridge Road by travelling up the North Circular A406). 

Once traffic headed for the A4 has travelled down the Askew Road, it will mostly will turn right down the Goldhawk Road towards Chiswick.  Turning left towards Shepherds Bush is a poor option if you’re headed for the A4. Again, when the Goldhawk Road hits Chiswick High Road, a left turn is a poor option since there is no access to the west bound A4 until Hammersmith. 

Most of the traffic will turn right, westward on Chiswick High Road. The quickest route to the A4 from there is to turn south into Chiswick Lane and down to the Hogarth Roundabout.  Alternatives to the A4 further west on the High Road, via Sutton Court Road or all the way down at the Chiswick Roundabout are again poor options - the High Road is already congested beyond Chiswick Lane.  The route on the map above will be the only viable one except at times when the is little traffic.

The disclosure of the plan was brought about following detailed questioning from the Acton Green Residents's Association who were voicing concerns that the scheme would inevitably bring a huge increase of traffic to the narrow streets in their area.

Peter Eversden, chairman of the London Forum of Amenity & Civic Societies, has condemned the idea pointing out that redirecting 20,000 vehicles in this way will raise further concerns about noise, pollution and danger.

Residents have been urging Hounslow Council to resist the attempt to divert traffic into the borough. A presentation was made by Transport to London to a recent Chiswick Area Committee meeting and that will form part of the information that will be used to prepare a submission for the consultation. No indication has been given as yet whether or not the Council will oppose the scheme. It is not clear at this stage whether the submission will be made available to the public.

The consultation on West London Tram System is due to conclude on the 6th October. To make your views known click here and fill in the brief questionnaire.

TfL have not, as yet, responded to our request for a comment on these plans or whether homes in the area will be notified of the intention to divert traffic in this way.

September 24, 2004