Delay to West London Tram Announced

Detailed modelling work to be done before scheme proceeds

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Contact details of key figures:
Tim Jones, Project Director,

Save Ealing's Streets, 020 8997 5414

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A revised time-table has been issued for the West London Tram to allow a more detailed look at the traffic management issues arising from the project.

The Transport and Works Act Order application for the which is necessary for the scheme to proceed will now be made in summer 2006 at the earliest as opposed to December 2005 as originally announced.

Ken Livingstone is adamant that the delay does not mean that the project is about to be scrapped. He said, "I remain totally committed to West London Tram. This change to the timetable allows Transport for London to have a deeper look at some aspects of traffic management. Transport for London and Ealing Council have jointly decided to do this after taking into account issues raised in the public consultation."

It is believed that one of the key issues to be resolved is whether or not Acton High Street is closed to traffic. It has been widely reported in the press that the decision had already made to keep the road open but Transport for London has remained adamant that this is only one of the options to be considered.

The delay will allow Transport for London to do detailed modelling work which more normally be done once a project has been given the go-ahead. This change is a reflection of the complex nature of the West London Tram project, which would be the first modern fully street-running tram in the UK.

Ealing Council leader Leo Thomson said, "It is vital we use the clearest and most accurate information as traffic management around the scheme is of the utmost importance to the people of the borough. The scheme is critical to improving public transport, the environment and the local economy, and we must make sure we get it right."

TfL is also planning further local consultation on some minor changes to the scheme and its design. These changes have been made following the public consultation last year.

The revised Timetable for the West London Tram is now as follows:

  • Late Spring 2006 - Report to TfL Board
  • Summer 2006 - Application for Transport and Works Order
  • Spring 2007 - Public inquiry *
  • Winter 2008 - Award of powers *
  • 2009 - Commencement of construction *
  • 2013 - Opening of tram

* Dependent on decisions by Secretary of State for Transport

The scheme was originally due to be completed by 2011 but the latest delay means it will not be completed until after the London Olympics in 2012 and construction work, which is likely to be highly disruptive, will be taking place during the Games.

September 22, 2005