Tram Consultation moves to next stage

More information released on likely impact of plans

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Contact details of key figures:
Christopher Dean, Project Director,

Save Ealing's Streets, 020 8998 7360

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The consultation process for the West London Tram is moving to the next stage with the publication of more details of how the scheme will impact the local area.

TfL held a public consultation on the whole tram scheme in summer 2004. However, TfL is now undertaking local consultation on elements of the scheme where it is proposing significant changes to the design of 2004, or where information was not available in 2004.

These elements include temporary construction compounds, electrical sub-stations, the depot test track and some changes to the track alignment in three locations.

There is no clarification at this stage on the question of whether or not road closures will be needed to accommodate the tram. A delay to the project was recently announced and this was widely believed to be due to continuing disagreement as to whether or not key pinch points such as Acton High Street should be closed to traffic.

The new information released has already caused some controversy with Twyford School parents worried about the reduction in the school's play facilities that will result. Concern has also been raised that Shepherd's Bush cricket club's plans to move to a new pitch will be have to be reconsidered due to the siting of a construction compound on their ground. Sections of Acton Park will have to be given over to a construction compound and an electricity sub-station.

Conservative Transport Spokesman, Cllr Will Brooks said:
“For all the money Ealing Council have spent in supporting this madcap scheme, they have bought very little influence with TfL. TfL have been working on these plans for three years, and it seems the Council knew nothing about the impact on Dickens yard or the Shepherds’ Bush cricket pavilion. If the Council continues in its unbending and narrow minded support for the tram against all the evidence, it will see itself increasingly isolated in west London.”

The council recently put the shortlisted design proposals for Dickens Yard out for public consultation, but the impact of the TfL plans on Dickens Yard were not public at that time.

TfL has produced consultation sheets for each of these elements (see the table below). You can give your views on these elements by completing an online questionnaire or by downloading a feedback form .

For the construction compounds and the electrical substations there is one sheet that provides general information and also separate sheets providing information, including a location plan, specific to each individual site.