Nell urges fans to make recycling their goal

4,500 tonnes of bottles and cans thrown away during match

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Model and TV personality Nell McAndrew is urging football fans in Hounslow to make recycling their goal during Euro 2004.

Wishing our boys good luck in their Euro 2004 bid, Nell took time to remind armchair fans to recycle all the extra rubbish they’re likely to make during England’s matches.

Looking great in an England kit, Nell said: “Thousands of people across Hounslow will be cheering England on from home and many of them will be entering into the party spirit while they do!”

She said that as England supporters cheered on Beckham and the boys in Portugal, everyone should remember to tackle the extra rubbish which will be generated, by using their Green Box or local recycling facilities for their empties.

“Around 20 million glass bottles and 20 million steel and aluminium drink cans - the equivalent to 4,500 tonnes - were thrown away in the UK over the course of the first match,” said Nell. “That would be the same weight as more than 50,000 David Beckhams! It’s up to us all to remember to recycle all these extra bottles and cans rather than just chucking them in the bin.

Recycling organisations WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme), Waste Watch, SWAP (Save Waste and Prosper), British Glass, Alcan Aluminium Cans Recycling, Corus (steel cans recycling) and Recoup are all joining Hounslow in backing Nell’s plea to the nation.

Councillor Ron Bartholomew, Hounslow’s Executive Member for Enhancing our Environment, said: “The good news is that more than 60% of household rubbish can now be recycled - and with recycling getting easier, rethinking how you deal with your rubbish won’t take up any extra time.

“We’re delighted Nell is supporting this campaign, and look forward to seeing the people of Hounslow using the many recycling facilities available to dispose of all of their extra rubbish during the championships, so that the environment doesn’t have to pay the penalty!”

For more information on recycling, visit,, or contact Hounslow’s Recycling Team on 020 8583 5060.

June 24, 2004