Angie Bray "Unimpressed by Waffle and Vague Promises"

Letter about Heathrow expansion from Department of Transport

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Angie Bray, Conservative Parliamentary  Candidate for Ealing Central and Acton has had a response from the Government to the letter she and eleven other West London Conservatives sent to Tony Blair.

She professes herself  "not exactly impressed with the waffle and the vague promises about wide consultation before decisions are taken." She added, " In fact the only part of the letter which may prove of some interest is the last paragraph about consulation later this year."  

The letter reads: "The Project for the Sustainable Development of Heathrow is currently assessing the prospects for meeting the noise, air quality and surface access requirements and the measures that might ned to be taken to achieve them.  We do not underestimate the environmental challenge that any development of Heathrow poses and the impacts and mitigation measures will be carefully assessed.

"There will be extensive consultation on the results of this work later this year before any decisions are taken.  There will be ample opportunity for all interested parties to engate constructively in the debate and to respond to the consultation.  Ministers will make final policy decisions only after consideration of all the responses received during the consultation.  Any proposals for significant development will of course be subject to BAA obtaining planning approval in the normal way."

The letter was signed by Gillian Merron, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Transport

Angie says: "The last sentence is important as this brings the Mayor of London into the equation as his London Plan includes the issue of airport expansion around London and as we know he is supportive of our position which is to oppose further expansion.  That is why I hope you will help to get as many to sign our Heathrow Petition as possible as its stated aim is to win as large amount of signatures as possible so that it will a useful tool for the Mayor in his discussions with Government about the future of Heathrow. 

The direct link to the petition is:

May 2, 2007