Mayor Ken Endorses Angie's Runway Stance

London plan to be amended against Heathrow expansion

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Angie Bray is obviously keeping up the momentum on her campaign against the expansion of Heathrow. After her letter to Tony Blair which was reported earlier this month, she has been keeping the pressure up by persuading Ken Livingtone to change his stance on the 3rd runway.

When pressed by Ms Bray Leader of the London Assembly Conservative Group yesterday on his stance towards expansion at Heathrow Airport and the potential effects on climate change and noise pollution, the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone agreed that the construction of a third runway at Heathrow should not be an option.

After being pressed further on what action he would take to support this view the Mayor went on to say that he would be looking to delete any reference to expansion at Heathrow from the London Plan, his development strategy for London.

Angie Bray, who has launched her own campaign against a third runway at Heathrow said:  “Claims that without further expansion of Heathrow West London would suffer are completely spurious and I am delighted that the Mayor has endorsed what I and my West London colleagues have been saying now for months, the construction of a third runway at Heathrow would lead to a decrease in air quality and cause even greater noise pollution for the residents of West London. A situation that is completely unacceptable.  

"The Mayor is now on record as stating his support and I will ensure we continue to press him until the London Plan has been amended to delete any reference to Heathrow expansion.”

March 23, 2007