Local Tories Launch Election Manifesto

Pledge a reduction in waste and needless bureaucracy

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Local Tories Launch Election Manifesto

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Hounslow's Conservatives councillors have published their manifesto for the local council elections to be held on Thursday, 4 May. Commitments include an emphasis on value for money by wiping out waste and needless bureaucracy, making road and pavements repairs a priority, better standards in schools, greater respect for the environment, more stringent planning enforcement, more help for the vulnerable and safer streets.

Speaking at the manifesto launch at the new Conservative Club, Conservative leader Cllr Peter Thompson said, "This is a series of well thought out, hard hitting and cost effective policies that are all capable of being tackled, achieved and delivered within the four year period of the next council. Our main policy areas represent the concerns of Hounslow borough residents and meet them with responses that are coherent and organised."

The Council has been run by Labour continuously since the borough was formed. The Council has 20 wards with 60 elected members. Currently 36 are Labour, 14 Conservative, 5 Liberal Democrat, 3 Community, 1 independent and 1 seat is vacant

Cllr. Thompson is hoping that his party can capture enough seats to at least end Labour control of the borough. He said, "Labour has run out of steam. Hounslow has one of the highest council taxes in London but has poor or average services. The people of the borough deserve better and the Conservatives have the ability, the energy and the people to make it happen. We will be working hard between now and 4 May right across the borough to get rid of this tired Labour council and replace it with a new and energised Conservative administration."

For a copy of the manifesto call 0208 994 1406 or go to www.lbhconservatives.com

March 23, 2006