Camborne Avenue 'Letterbox Burglary'

Police appeal for help in tracking suspects who stole a grey Ford Focus

Ealing Borough Police would like to appeal for help from the general public in respect to a residential burglary in Camborne Avenue, West Ealing where a Ford vehicle was stolen.

Between 23.00hrs on Tuesday 8th April 08 and 08.25hrs on Wednesday 9th April, the suspect/s have entered the premises and stole the car keys and the victim’s wallet that were placed on a shelf next to the front door.

The suspect/s then stole a Grey Ford Focus C-Max car [VRM LS55 YSW], which also contained two children car seats, from outside the premises.

Police believe the suspect/s have either place an extendable item through the letterbox in order to hooks keys that have been left in the hallway or used the item to hook the interior door handle down and enter the premise without forcing entry or making a noise.

No suspect/s were seen or heard. No Arrests. Enquiries Continue

Anyone who may have any information which could help with our investigation is asked to contact Ealing Borough Police on 020-8810-1212 quoting Crime Reference 2510317/08 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555-111.

Ealing Police spokesperson, said "This type of crime can be avoided by keeping your keys away from the front door.

Sometimes a burglar will use the keys to open your door, but more often they will take your car keys and drive off with your car.

We are appealing to all homeowners to consider tighter security measures for your keys (including spare sets) and make sure you are properly lock your front door especially at night or when your home is unoccupied.

Residents should also consider changing their habit of leaving keys in the hallway by having a pot for your keys inside a kitchen cupboard or even taking your keys into your bedroom at night to ensure you don't fall victim to a letterbox burglary."

April 10, 2008