Race to Reverse Crime Statistics

Hotspots get support as Ealing figures show increase

As witnessed this week in Acton (see link right) Police patrols have been stepped up as part of a drive to stem the increase in burglaries which could see Ealing miss a crime reduction target.

Members of the Territorial Support Group have been detailed to patrol the borough increasing the numbers of police in burglary hotspots such as Southall Green, Perivale, East Acton and Northolt.

The increased number of incidents mean the Ealing is facing a 5% increase in the number of burglaries for 2007/08, rather than the target of a 3% decrease. A recent press release describes the target as "challenging".

Between 01/04/07 and 13/01/08 Burglary offences on Ealing Borough have actually increased by 4.8% compared to the same period in the previous year - equating to 99 more victims. The Metropolitan Police as a whole currently shows a reduction of 1.0%.

However, Detective Superintendent Julian Worker is confident the trend can be reversed before the final figures are published in April.

He said: "The situation with burglary is causing us a lot of concern.

"Last year we had an 18 per cent reduction, but this year we need to work even harder to turn the situation around.

"In the past week we have made five arrests of people we believe have been responsible for some of these crimes, and yesterday, we had seven burglaries reported, in comparison to 20 a day at the peak of the problem.

"We are increasing the numbers of police in high visibility and covert patrols, and will also be performing more stop and searches and stop and accounts."

However, Det Supt Worker is urging residents to be vigilant, especially on dark winter nights.

He said: "People can do a lot to help themselves, as burglars are essentially lazy, so when they walk down a street of 100 houses, they will pick the one with a rickety gate, no peripheral security and no door locks.

"If people have questions or want advice on security they should contact their local Safer Neighbourhood Team, who will have an officer specially trained to do this.

"This is not just a problem unique to this borough, but part of a trend going on around north-west London, affecting our neighbouring boroughs of Harrow, Hillingdon, Brent and Hounslow."


January 17, 2008