Tony Blair Petitioned Over West London Tram

Residents being asked to sign on-line e-petition on PM's site

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Local man Graham Weeks has launched an on-line petition against the West London Tram which is to be submitted through directly to the Prime Minister thorugh his web site.

The petition reads:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to stop any more money being wasted on the plan for a West London Tram.

You can access it by clicking here

or at

Mr Weeks said, "Ken Livingstone is determined to force a tram down the narrow, congested Uxbridge Road despite a public consultation rejecting this folly. All three councils on the route now oppose the plan. It is time that this waste of public money be stopped. Millions of pounds have already been wasted. So I am petitioning Tony Blair on his website."

At the time of writing 805 people had signed the petition which will remain accessible on-line until 15th March.

The three Councils along the route of the tram, Ealing, Hillingdon and Hammersmith & Fulham recently held a summit meeting to co-ordinate opposition to the plan.

January 25, 2007