Stacey fears TfL backlash over tram

Council votes to scrap West London Transit Scheme

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Ealing’s new Conservative leadership has scrapped the council’s policy of support for the West London Tram Scheme at a recent Council meeting.

Ealing Council will now join forces with the two other local authorities on the route, Hillingdon & Hammersmith and Fulham, to try to ensure the Tram proposal is sidelined altogether.

Ealing Council Leader Jason Stacey, said: “The Tram is hugely unpopular with residents, despite what any TfL poll might say. We are changing the Council’s policy to reflect what we believe are the true views of Ealing residents, and for the good of the whole borough."

He has voiced fears that Transport for London may 'punish' Ealing for the move by withdrawing funding for other transport related projects in the borough. He said that his administration would continue to work with TfL on improving transport in the borough and was keen to pursue other projects such as the extension of the Central line to Southall. He said that the Council would not be bullied or cajoled into resuming the tram scheme.

The motion which Cllr Stacey put to the Council read: “The Council resolves that, with immediate effect, it removes its support for the West London Tram Scheme. The Council hereby withdraws from the option of being a joint promoter of the proposed West London Tram Scheme. The Council mandates officers to immediately draw up the case for active opposition to the scheme.”

May 15 2006