Tram Supremo to meet the public

Tim Jones of Transport for London to attend public meeting on West London Transit Scheme

An existing tram system operating in Croydon. copyright Mark Jansen

The man responsible for running the project to build a tram along the Uxbridge Road is to attend a meeting organised by the East Acton Residents' Association. The meeting is taking place Thursday May 15th at John Perryn Primary School, Long Drive, Acton at 7.30pm.

Tim Jones courted controversy by dismissing local opposition to the plans saying of a protest against the scheme, "There are 1.5 million people living in West London and I don't give much consideration to just 1,500 people."

Many residents are concerned that the planned closure of the Uxbridge Road at certain "pinch points", including Acton High St., will lead to a diversion of traffic into local roads. A recent poll by TfL showed that 55% or residents along the Uxbridge Road support the tram. However, local campaign group Save Ealing Streets have dismissed the results of the poll saying that TfL have yet to disclose the questions that those polled were asked. A telephone poll in the Ealing Gazette showed over 80% opposition to the tram.

It was recently disclosed that the ultimate cost of the tram will reach over £500 million against the original estimate of £240 million.

May 9, 2003

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