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'Shambolic' exercise drawing to a close on 8th October

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Tim Jones, Project Director,

The consultation on the controversial West London Tram System is due to conclude on the 8th October. To make your views known click on the link to the right and fill in the brief questionnaire.

The handling of the consultation has been subject to criticism by all sides of the debate with the distribution of consultation documents appearing to be haphazard and residents complaining that questions addressed to TfL are going unanswered.

With £1 million having been spent on the exercise there are suggestions that the Audit Commission may be asked to investigate the consultation which many people feel was framed as a promotional exercise for the project as opposed to a genuine attempt to gauge residents' views.

The massive expenditure has so far yielded only 13,000 responses, a tiny fraction of the number of households meant to be covered by the exercise. An investigation by the Ealing Gazette suggested that whilst the consultation documents were being successfully delivered to households a considerable distance from the planned route, residents in areas likely to be opposed to the tram were not receiving them. This was seen by many as providing confirmation that Transport for London were doing every thing they possibly could to rig the result of the consultation. Independent polls run by local newspapers suggest that around 80% of residents are opposed to the scheme.

Transport for London chose not to involve the local community web sites operating in the area in the consultation exercise. is the largest media of any kind for that area and belated revisions to the scheme have meant that the Chiswick area is likely to bear the brunt of diverted traffic from the Uxbridge Road.

It is not clear whether TfL were simply ignorant of the presence of active local web sites in the area of the consultation or if they have avoided using them because they are stronger in areas where opposition to the tram is strongest. Although dozens of items relating to the tram have been published on the sites over the last few years TfL does not respond to any requests for comments.

Whether the handling of the consultation is down to conspiracy or cock-up it is clearly in every one's interest that as many people as possible make a response. If you haven't already you can do so by clicking on this link.

September 28, 2004