Thames Boat Hire Company Starts Crowd Funding Appeal

Colliers Launches forced to cease running river cruises due to pandemic

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A boat hire company hit by the coronavirus outbreak has launched a crowd funding appeal to try and ensure its survival.

Colliers Launches, a small family owned business, has operated cruises on the Thames including those organised by the Chiswick Pier Trust since 1975.

They ferry thousands of passengers during the summer months between Westminster, Kew Gardens, Richmond and Hampton Court Palace.

Their vessel, Princess Freda, contributed to Churchill’s call to evacuate stranded soldiers off the beaches of Dunkirk.

They also cater to weddings, engagement parties, birthdays and work events.

They are financially struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic which hit just before their season was due to get underway. They have been required to close due to social distancing restrictions but fall outside of those firms qualifying for government support.

All their staff have been put into the furlough scheme but they need to raise a minimum of £25,000 to pay their overheads, such as licences, tax and mooring rents.

They have created a short video to go with the appeal which highlights the family nature of the business.


As a thank you, they will randomly select a supporter to enjoy a private boat party for up to 50 people on a round cruise from Richmond upon Thames to Hampton Court.

April 30, 2020


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