Dogs Take Up Paddleboarding on the Thames

Pooches join Active 360 to have a day out on the river

Video taken by John Dale of Brentford TV

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A very special paddleboarding class was held recently on the river by a group from Active 360.

The paddleboarders were joined by their dogs on an outing on the Thames on 16 September.

They entered the river on the Kew side when the tide was quite low and made their way as a flotilla out to the river. Most of the dogs seemed happy enough to remain on the boards during the excursion but some couldn’t resist jumping into the water.

Active 360 is based near Kew Bridge and is committed to developing stand up paddleboarding (SUP). The sport allows people to explore local waterways while benefitting from improved balance, strength and general fitness.

If you or your dog would be interested in trying out the sport contact

September 21, 2018


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