Acton Mainline train station not safe yet says Lib Dem candidate

Gary Malcolm encourages train users to respond to Crossrail consultation



Cllr Gary MalcolmGary Malcolm, Lib Dem Ealing Acton & Shepherds Bush Parliamentary Candidate, handed leaflets out at Acton Main Line train station last week to encourage train users to contact Transport for London (TfL) as part of their Crossrail consultation.

The leaflets contained details of how to contact TfL and also informed residents and rail users about the scheduled cutback in trains on the Greenford Line (including Acton Main line) that are due to take place in December.

Gary Malcolm, Ealing Acton & Shepherds Bush Parliamentary Candidate, said: “It is good news that Transport for London have been persuaded to include Acton Main Line in the preferred Crossrail route but Acton mainline station is not safe yet. Consultation lasts until October 27th, so make sure that you tell Crossrail how important it is that Acton Mainline stays on the Crossrail route. Without support, Acton Mainline may once again be threatened with closure.”

Gary Malcolm added: “It is a scandal that people who use the Acton Main line station are going to suffer with less trains per hour at the peak times. Fares keep rising. Myself and other passengers are being forced to put up with an unreliable, infrequent and expensive service.”

To contact TfL with comments about Crossrail and whether it should stop at Acton Main line station:

Visit:           Phone:    0845 602 3813

email:     Write:     Crossrail, FREEPOST,

                                                                  NAT6945, London,

                                                                  SW1H 0BR.