Acton Mainline changes 'wholly unacceptable'

Gary Malcolm protests against planned service reduction



Piccadilly line trainDid you know that commuter rail services are poised to get worse for passengers in Acton, Hanwell and Southall? You probably thought they could not get any worse.

However the London Transport Users Committee (LTUC), the watchdog organisation representing the interests of transport users in London, has told First Great Western that its December 2004 timetable plans for services at a number of stations in West London are 'wholly unacceptable'.

The proposed timetable will make commuting in the morning peak, especially at Acton Main Line, considerably worse. I use the Acton Mail line station regularly and it is at best: too packed; too hot; and services are often cancelled or delayed.

In Acton we will see the number of the trains in the morning drop by half as well as a more uneven pattern of service - leading to longer gaps between trains.

The current poor government has done nothing to improve the train network. Just as one transport reorganisation occurs, they change their mind again, wasting much time and money. The cycle never ends.

Customers in Acton do not appreciate paying increased rail fares when services get worse.

Lib Dems would legislate to ensure that train companies were responsible for both running the trains and the maintenance of the tracks they use, so they could be financially penalised if the service they provide is poor. Currently there are too many types of organisations involved and it is too easy for companies to avoid doing anything productive.

These ideas are not new. Lib Dems have said this for many years. It would lead to a more punctual service with affordable fares and better information so passengers can link in with other modes of transport.

Cllr. Gary Malcolm

August 19, 2004