Don't Get In The Grips Of a Rogue Clamper

Ealing Council warns mostorists that it doesn't clamps ANY vehicles


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After a string of cases of harrassment and extortionate fines by rogue firms, Ealing Council has issued a warning stating categorically that it does not clamp any vehicles in the borough.

Council Leader Jason Stacey is warning people to be careful where they park after hearing of a string of recent cases involving residents suffering harassment and extortionate fines.

In some of the cases, the cowboy clampers lied and told motorists they are working for the Council, which is not true.

The Council does not clamp on public land and does not have powers to do this on private land. Clampers working on private land would have been brought in by the landowner.

Councillor Stacey said: “I want to make it absolutely clear Ealing Council does not clamp. If you are told by a clamper that they are working on the Council’s behalf, they are not telling the truth.”

Ealing Council only allows bailiffs to clamp vehicles which have been issued with a warrant by the Courts, both on the road and on private land, in relation to non-payment of a Penalty Charge Notice.


September 13, 2007