Council Raises Parking Charges to Chiswick Levels

Standardised fees part of new administration's £5m budget windfall

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Parking charges are to be harmonized across the entire borough from April. The move was announced as Hounslow Council’s new administration presented their inaugural budget adding more than £5million to their reserves through an extensive programme of increased charges and cutbacks.

The new standardized parking means the cost of on street parking (pay & display and meters) will be £1.40 per hour, and off street parking (council owned car parks) will be £1.00 per hour anywhere in the borough.

Resident’s parking permits will cost £60 for a first vehicle (no change in Chiswick), £80 for a second vehicle (a reduction of £5 in Chiswick) and £130 for a third vehicle (up by £5 in Chiswick).

According to Council figures, the changes in cost of resident’s permit changes will bring in extra £60,000 per annum next for next three years, parking meter charge increase will also bring in £60,000 extra for three years and car park charges will bring in extra £150,000 per annum.

With regard to visitor’s permits, a spokesperson for the council said “A s far as I’m aware, there is no change to the way the scheme will be administered, but it may be something that will be reviewed as part of the wider parking review which the Executive is keen to take forward.”

The budget also planned for the cost of school meals to rise by 10p, funding for six community teachers to be cut and a number of council vacancies to be either cut or left unfilled.

Despite opposition from Labour councilors at the Borough Council Meeting, the cuts were all passed without alteration.

Current Costs for Parking Permits Across The Borough Valid Until April 2007






1st vehicle





2nd vehicle





3rd + vehicles (each)






February 2, 2007