Crime Prevention Week Across LBE

Ealing's Police Reiterate Community's Role In Crime Prevention

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During Crime Prevention Week, which runs from 12th � 16th July, Ealing's Police will aim to educate the general public on the importance of crime prevention.

Some of the crime prevention advice or key messages they hope to communicate during this week are:

Safer Streets
Advice on keeping valuables out of sight whenever possible. When you do have to take your phone or cash out in a public place, be aware of who�s around you. Street robbers tend to be opportunistic � don�t make yourself an easy target.

Safer Homes
A building that presents itself as unoccupied and insecure is far more likely to be targeted than one, which is properly secured: 'Remove the Opportunity - Prevent the Burglary'.

Safer Cars
Keep valuables out of sight whenever you leave your vehicle. The public can also reduce the risk of becoming a victim by making use of secure car parks on the borough or parking in well-lit or residential areas.

During the crime prevention awareness campaign Ealing Borough crime prevention officers, local police officers and PCSO�s will offer crime prevention advice on all crime and property marking at the following Times, Dates and Venues across Ealing Borough:

Wednesday 14th July 2004

Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre 10am � 6pm

Thursday 15th July 2004 10am � 6pm
Safeway, King Street W3

July 7, 2004