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Green Fingered Volunteers Give Elderly Resident a Garden Makeover

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On 1 st June 2004 The Ealing Borough Volunteer Police Cadets undertook some community service by clearing and tidying/improving an elderly resident's garden. This elderly female has been a repeat victim of Burglary artifice (a high profile offence in the borough).

The front garden was completely overgrown and some plants and shrubs were over 6ft tall, which not only block out natural light but also highlight that a premises may be empty or occupied by an elderly resident.

The cadets under the supervision of their leaders spent the day bringing the front and back gardens of the resident back to its former glory as with age the victim has not had the time or energy to maintain it.

This sterling work carried out by the Cadets was assisted by donations from local business and Ealing Council and highlights the importance of crime prevention partnership within the community.

June 10, 2004