Attention all E Class Merc Owners!

Local gang suspected of stealing 29 cars in 5 weeks

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Ealing Borough Motor Vehicle Crime unit have issued a warning to owners of E Class Mercedes Benz cars currently living in the area. Since the beginning of August 2004 they have seen a significant rise in the theft of these cars. In total 29 cars have been stolen across the borough over the last 5 weeks!

photo of e class merc


The thefts usually take place in the hours of darkness in residential streets that are reasonably well lit and close to the main arterial routes through the borough. As there is no glass left at the scene, it is reasonable to assume that they are being totally lifted onto a low lifter or into the back of a lorry / van.

The police also believe that the offenders have tools at their disposal which enable them to enter this make of car without damaging the vehicle and with the minimum disruption, which allows them to enter the vehicle and drive it from the venue to a waiting tow�truck or a destination in London.

It is believed that an organised gang are responsible for committing this series of offences. The gang responsible are possibly stealing these vehicles in order to ship them into Europe or out to West Africa where professional criminal gangs will sell the vehicles on.

The Motor Vehicle Crime Squad on Ealing Borough have continually monitored this recent trend and have briefed all police personnel to actively patrol in the affected areas and Stop and Search suspected persons in those areas. They have also conducted extensive house-to-house enquiries in the affected areas to establish any links between where the victims bought their vehicle or have their vehicle serviced.

This particular crime trend is currently being seen in the neighbouring boroughs of BRENT and BARNET boroughs. They have informed the National Crime Intelligence Service and Europol who have circulated the vehicles stolen within their organisations from Ealing Borough to help with the investigation.

Have you seen something suspicious or someone acting suspicious in and around Mercedes Benz motor vehicles in your area recently, which may help the police investigation?

Perhaps you been woken up by the sound of a tow-truck in your street late at night? If so, did you get a look at the occupants? Can you remember the registration / colour of the vehicle? Was there any company name on the Vehicle?

Have you seen anyone taking an interest in your E Class Mercedes car or neighbours E Class Mercedes car recently?

Report any suspicious activity in and around Mercedes Benz Motor Vehicles to the Ealing Borough Motor Vehicle Crime Squad on 0208-246-9150 or Ealing Borough Police on 0208-810-1212 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Crime Prevention Advice

We would advise anyone with an E Class 200 Series Mercedes Benz Please take some extra crime preventative measures in protecting your vehicle against these offenders.

  • Close the windows and sunroof, lock the doors and activate any security devices when leaving your car unattended.
  • If you have use of a garage please lock your vehicle away at night
  • If you don't own a garage perhaps purchase a vehicle cover for your car.
  • We advise you to consider the following security features:

•  Electronic engine immobilisation

•  Locking wheel nuts

•  Secure in-car entertainment

•  Lockable fuel caps

•  Central locking

•  Security etching

•  Deadlocks

•  Alarms

•  Think about fitting a vehicle tracking system

For security advice call the National Vehicle Security Helpline on 0870 550 2006, or speak to your local police Crime Prevention Officer 0208-246-1252. For a list of recognised security products call Sold Secure on 0800 192 192.

September 7th , 2004