New Police Recruits for Ealing Borough

Force number boosted with the arrival of 18 new officers

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Ealing Borough Police have taken on 18 new police officers to help combat crime and disorder on the borough.

Operations Superintendent Laura Nicholson and Community and Partnership Superintendent Joe Wadsworth welcomed the new recruits to the borough on their first day at a specially arranged induction day.

The day started off with the introduction by senior Management outlining their roles and responsibilities. The recruits were then given a presentation which focuses on such issues as demographics, ethnicity, priority crime issues, management structure, partnership activities, community based policing and the professional standards expected from all staff .

The new police recruits will begin a stringent 10-week street duties course, which is designed to develop their skills and increase their knowledge on all aspects of modern day police work. The probationers, which are what new police officer recruits are called until they are officially confirmed, will be shadowed and continually assessed by trained police officer instructors throughout the ten-week cycle. On completion of this cycle the officers will be deployed to front line policing teams across the borough.

After the presentation the new recruits were given an opportunity to engage with the management in an open and frank question and answer session on all aspects of policing on Ealing borough.

Superintendent Laura Nicholson said, “ Our vision is to make Ealing borough a safer place to live, work and pass through. The new recruits will play a very important role in achieving our vision by providing a visible presence in our fight to reduce crime and disorder on Ealing Borough”.

August 18, 2004