Man Arrested in Connection with Missing Ealing Women

Apparent Breakthrough in the cases of Elizabeth Chau & Lola Shenkoya 

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A 48 year old man was arrested this morning by Detectives in connection with the disappearances of Elizabeth Chau and Lola Shenkoya. He has been taken to a north London police station for questioning.

The two women have not been seen since they disappeared in 1999 and 2000 respectively. Despite fears the women may have been murdered, Scotland Yard said the disappearances are still being treated as a missing persons investigation.

Ms Chau (pictured left), from Vietnam, disappeared after she left home to go to Thames Valley University where she was studying. She was last seen by a friend at Ealing Broadway and later spotted on a CCTV camera at the local police station.

Ms Shenkoya (pictured left), a temp in Perivale took an E2 bus and got off at Ealing Broadway underground station before disappearing.

Earlier this year Andrezei Kunowski, a 48 year old Polish National from Twyford Avenue in Acton was convicted of the murder of 12 year old Katerina Koneva in her own home on 22nd May 1997.

Police investigated possible links between Kunowski and the disappearance of the two women and missing teenager Milly Dowler.

In May 2003, Kunowski was convicted of a rape that he committed in Acton in September 2002. He received nine years imprisonment at HMP Belmarsh who submitted Kunowski's DNA to the national database.

This was identified as that found on Katerina's clothing, as she lay in the living room of her house in Iffley Road. Kunowski was sentenced to a whole life order term imprisonment. The judge ordered he be kept in prison until he dies.

May 10, 2004