Signs of trouble for local burglars

Ealing Police post warning signs in burglary hotspot areas

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Those residents who feel they require some further information on crime preventative measures to combat this sort of crime please should not hesitate to contact the Crime Prevention Office at Ealing Police Station on Tel: 020-8246-9569

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Detective Inspector Dean Haydon Safer Homes Unit Ealing Police (Left in pic) and Cllr Chital Manro Ealing Council Cabinet member for Community Safety

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Ealing Borough Police in partnership with Ealing Council Community Safety Unit are adopting a more direct approach in their fight against burglary in the Borough.

The police and the council have been working together using crime burglary data, to identify areas, which have had a high number of burglaries. Now that they know exactly where these burglary 'hotspots' are, both agencies have decided to display triangular crime preventative burglary awareness signs (commonly known as TRI SIGNS) on lamposts in these areas, so that local residents know to be more vigilant. The signs were installed over recently in current Hotspot areas which include The Vale and Bedford Park.

Each sign will display three simple messages
1 Burglars Aware Police Operations in this Area
2 Police Warning This Area is currently a target for burglars
3 Police Warning It�s your Home � Secure it

Ealing police will combine increased high visibility patrols and �stop and search� techniques in these areas in order to combat this type of crime. Police officers will also be on hand to offer crime prevention advice to all residents.

Police have also adopted similar tactics in our street crime hotspot areas across the borough including Acton High Street.

Detective Inspector Dean Haydon Safer Homes Unit Ealing Borough Police said, �We know the boards will have a positive effect in our pursuit to lower the rate of burglaries in these areas. The increased patrolling by police officers in the highlighted hotspot areas will almost certainly reduce the number of burglaries being committed in the area. It is also hoped our increased presence will offer a stark reminder to residents of the area the importance of �Crime Prevention� and how easy it is for residents to help themselves thus, reducing the risk of becoming a victim of this crime. This latest partnership initiative outlines our commitment to reducing burglary and hopefully goes some way to transferring the fear of burglary from the victim to the offender. �

Cllr Shital Manro, cabinet member for community safety said, " I'm really pleased that these signs are going up across the borough, alerting residents to the fact that they should be extra vigilant about securing their property and keeping an eye out for anything that they think is suspicious. Also if anyone has been a victim of crime they should contact BeeSafe who will make their home safe after a break in."

Alternatively further Crime Prevention Advice on combating burglary can be obtained from the charity based organisation BEESAFE on 020 8571 2228. BEESAFE work in close partnership with the Metropolitan Police offering preventative guidance too vulnerable, elderly and disabled people. BEESAFE can also offer upgrades and improvements on home security, which help to combat burglary.

February 26, 2004