Police shut down Acton crack house

Dealer evicted from Brouncker Road

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Ealing Police have successfully secured the eviction of a 19 year old drug dealer from Brouncker Road, thanks to the efforts of local people.  Neighbours in Carisbrook Court, fed up with the intimidation, vandalism and drug paraphanalia surrounding their homes, provided the police with the evidence they needed to secure a closure order.

Ealing Borough Police raided the house on 31st March and recovered a quantity of brown powder (believed to be heroin), two individually wrapped rocks (believed to be crack cocaine), an imitation firearm and a large quantity of Clingfilm.

The tenant was arrested at 6pm on the 31st March for possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply. He has been bailed until the 8th June 2005 pending formal analysis of the drugs and enquiries into the imitation firearm, however a preliminary analysis confirms the brown powder to be heroin.

Ealing Borough Police then asked Ealing Magistrates to close the property for a period of 3 months in conjunction with Part 1, Section 2 of the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003. The closure order was granted and the address was shut down by 5.00 pm.  

A steel door was placed over the entrance, notices were affixed to the windows and leaflets were delivered to the all the residents of Carisbrook Court explaining the closure.

Ealing Borough Council will now begin to locate suitable tenants to replace those evicted. An application will then be made to the Magistrates court to lift the closure order on the premises.

Superintendent Joe Wadsworth, Community and Partnership Ealing Borough Police, said, “Closing these types of premises and removing the residents indefinitely is vitally important to people living in the local area, as it improves people’s quality of life by helping to reduce crime and disorder in the area. As ever, the positive outcome of this operation would not been possible without members of public providing Police with information and together with them we will make Ealing Borough a safer place.

April 18th, 2005