Amelie link made to Kate Sheedy attack

Police launch new appeal in Isleworth attempted murder case

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Detectives investigating the murder of Amelie Delagrange have released photos of the kind of vehicle they believe may have been used in the hit and run attack on local student Kate Sheedy. They are now following a line of enquiry that links the two incidents.

Detectives from Operation Yeaddiss, the investigation into Amelie's killing and other similar cases, had taken on the inquiry due to the similarities between the victims and location. Amelie, 22, was killed in Twickenham, south-west London, in August 2004. Amelie's murder has also been linked to that of Marsha McDonnell, 19, who was murdered in February 2003 near her home in Hampton and four other attacks on lone women. In each of the cases the victims were targeted from behind and had blonde or light brown shoulder-length hair.

On Thursday 27 May 2004 18 year old Kate was travelling home on the H22 bus from Twickenham to Isleworth. Just after midnight, she got off the bus opposite the County Arms Public House on Worton Road, Isleworth, Middlesex. She was the only passenger to get off the bus.

After the bus pulled away she started to walk towards her home when she noticed the suspect's vehicle parked on Worton Road just beyond the junction with Farnell Road. The vehicle in question was a white MPV, probably a Toyota Previa people carrier, or one similar to the one pictured above. The vehicle had blacked out windows all round and black wing mirrors (not colour coded). The driver's mirror had some form of defect or blemish but was still intact.

Kate felt uncomfortable as the car was parked with its lights out but the engine running. She decided to cross to the other side of the road taking her mobile phone from her bag as she did so.

As she reached the middle of the junction that leads into Worton Hall Industrial Estate, Kate heard the cars engine revving loudly. She saw the vehicle attempt to complete a U turn in the road, with its lights now on, but instead of turning back down Worton Road the vehicle headed straight for her.

She attempted to run but was struck down by the car falling onto her chest. She felt the front driver's wheel pass over her body driving over her lower back/waist section. The car stopped before the rear wheels passed over her.The car then went into reverse and the driver's wheel ran over her body a second time.

The car reversed into Worton Road and then drove off towards Hall Road. It did not go up Farnell Road, it could have gone up Heath Road but Kate could not see that far.

DCI Colin Sutton said: "Kate suffered horrific injuries; every single rib was broken, she serious internal injuries and lacerations, she has, fortunately, made a full recovery. Kate believes that there were two people in the car - both males due to their shape/size".

She has made a full recovery and is set to go to university.

Police now have CCTV footage from the County Arms pub. It shows a white Toyota Previa following and then waiting behind the bus, whilst Kate alights. There is a short gap of just over a minute, before the vehicle returns at high speed.

A white Previa with the registration K855 EFL, which may be connected to this crime has been seized.

It is possible that more than one person was in the vehicle at the time of the attack, and may be in fear of prosecution, but police say they will be treated as a witness. They are also appealing for anyone who has information regarding the ownership and/or driver of the vehicle at the time of the attack, or at any point during 2004, to come forward.

Anyone who may have witnessed the attack is asked to contact the incident room on 020 8247 7911; if you wish to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

March 16, 2005