Hounslow flying the flag for the boys!

St George will remain at full mast whilst England are in the tournament

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FlayHounslow Council have raised the St George’s Flag at the Civic Centre in advance of the World Cup, which begins this Friday.

Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr Mark Bowen (pictured to the right with Hounslow Council leader Peter Thompson and the new Mayor Felicity Barwood) said, “I am sure that residents in the Borough, Councillors and Staff the Council will all be behind the boys and will be cheering them on at every stage, even if they are not usually followers of football. Even I as a Welshman will be cheering the team on. As a symbol of support in this Borough, we will fly the St George’s flag for as long as England remain in the World Cup."

The cross of St. George will be displayed until England get knocked out (or win the tournament). Once this happens the Union Flag will be displayed again.

June 9, 2006