Snoring, roaring and jawing

We publish the borough's top ten most annoying noises

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The Top Ten Most Annoying Noises in the Borough of Hounslow
1. Planes (88%)
2. Mobile phone conversations (58%)
3. Mobile phone ringtones (54%)
4. Music (44%)
5. Road traffic (40%)
6. Building works (30%)
7. Personal Stereos and iPods (30%)
8. Noisy Youths /Schoolchildren (28%)
9. Snoring (24%)
10. Noisy neighbours (22%)

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Planes roaring overhead, partners snoring in bed and the sound of other people jawing on their mobile phones are amongst the most annoying noises in Hounslow, according to a survey of the borough’s residents.

The trio of irritating sounds appear on a list of “The Top Ten Most Annoying Noises in Hounslow” compiled by the Council to highlight this year’s national Noise Action Week (May 22-26).

According to the council’s research, around one in four residents are at sometime bothered or annoyed by the sound of someone else’s snoring, making it the ninth most annoying noise in Hounslow.

Mobile phones and music are also amongst residents’ pet hates. Other people’s mobile ringtones bother or annoy 54% of residents and the loud mobile phone conversations that often follow score even higher (58%).

Overhearing fellow passengers listening to iPods and personal stereos on public transport bothers or annoys nearly a third (30%) of people living in Hounslow while approaching half (44%) admit to being bothered or annoyed by background music in places such as shopping centres and restaurants.

Noisy neighbours and noisy young people also appear on the list as do road traffic and building works. But the top spot, perhaps not surprisingly, goes to airplane noise, a daily feature of life in the borough that bothers or annoys nearly nine out of ten residents (88%).

Gerry McCarthy, head of the Council’s Pollution Team, said: “Noise Action Week is an opportunity to highlight the annoyance caused by unwanted noise and encourage residents to be more mindful of other people.

“We all have our different lifestyles and different tastes, but with a little thought we can ensure that the noise we create does not disrupt the life of others.”

Anyone experiencing problems with unwanted noise can contact the Council’s pollution control team on 020 8583 5555.

May 22, 2006