Conservative launch local election manifesto

Tories pledge to focus on crime and grime in Ealing Borough

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"A new Conservative administration will focus on tackling 'crime and grime' in Ealing as well as delivering high quality services at an affordable cost."  said Leader of the Opposition, Cllr Jason Stacey. 

Whilst launching his party's manifesto for the forthcoming local elections on May 4th Cllr Stacey said "Ealing was a great place to live but that too often residents’ lives were blighted by crime, graffiti, flytipping and poor street cleaning.

“In canvassing residents we are consistently told that people are unhappy with the value they get from Council tax. Conservatives are therefore pledged to run a leaner Council that limits Council tax rises, but also a Council that prioritises resources into environmental issues that affect everyone.”

The 26 page manifesto pledges a Conservative administration in Ealing to:

• Oppose the deeply unpopular and unworkable west London tram.
• Stop Labour’s runaway Council tax rises.
• Boost recycling by replacing the unpopular charge on garden waste bags with a scheme that is free at the point of use.
• Remove all graffiti and flytipping on publicly owned property within 24 hours.
• Extend the street warden scheme (currently limited to Southall), borough wide in order to tackle some of the enviro-crime that blights so many residents' lives.
• Introduce a ‘Showcase Streets’ programme – ultimately to cover every street in the borough. This will include upgraded street lighting, ‘crack free’ pavements, new road surfaces, properly pruned trees, mowed open spaces and well maintained, weed free flower beds.

Cllr Stacey said the Conservatives were offering a positive vision of change for Ealing. He said "We are ambitious for improvements in Ealing, but we know we have to stay focussed to achieve the things residents want. After twelve years of Labour people are crying out for change, and this manifesto sets out what people can expect from the new Conservative administration after May.”

April 6, 2006