Lib Dems target gains in South Acton

Prospective candidates for local elections announced

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Liberal Democrats have announced the three prospective candidates who will stand for election in May’s local elections for South Acton ward – Nick Winkfield, Huw Lloyd James and Andrew Steed, all local Acton residents.

Whilst announcing their candidates, local Lib Dems stated that they believe that over recent years residents have seen the Council wasting money on many ill-judged plans. The levels of complaints from residents (about street cleanliness, recycling and flytipping) was at an all time high recently according to their figures.

Since the last election in South Acton, Liberal Democrats say that they have:

• Campaigned to ensure that open space is protected including the South Acton Recreational Ground;
• Campaigned and voted against the misguided West London tram scheme;
• Regularly liaise with and supported the introduction of the Safer Neighbourhoods community police team;
• Campaigned for the council to clean up our streets which are dirty and graffiti-ridden;
• Successfully persuaded the Council to start recycling cardboard. Lib Dems want to see the council more actively promote recycling and also to recycle plastics.

Andrew Steed said “I am very happy to have been selected. Many people for a long time now are sick and tired of our messy streets. Myself and the Acton Lib Dems will continue to listen to people and will work hard to get things done to make South Acton a better place. This council have sold off much land in recent years and only by voting Lib Dem can this be stopped.”

The Lib Dems will face an uphill task to gain seats in this ward which is a Labour stronghold where the finished behind the Tories last time out.. Even with issues such as the tram and the South Acton recreation ground likely to reduce Labour's support there would need to be a very substantial swing to the opposition

Ward Election Results - May 2002

Turnout: 29.3%

Name of candidate Description Number of votes
Brookes, Elizabeth The Labour Party 1226 - elected
Cudmore, John Lawrence The Labour Party 1222 - elected
Johnson, Yvonne Elizabeth The Labour Party 1180 - elected
Haythorn, Norma Margaret McColl The Conservative Party 665
Magnowska, Christine Rozalia The Conservative Party 621
Moustafa, Wafik The Conservative Party 590
O'Connor, Michael Liberal Democrat Focus Team 587
Royce, Catherine Margaret Liberal Democrat Focus Team 568
Winkfield, Nicholas John Liberal Democrat Focus Team 504
Hughes, Peter Michael The Socialist Alliance Party 105
Khan, Iqbal The Socialist Alliance Party 102

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March 22, 2006