Simon Hughes continues "No Tram" campaign

MP's walkabout reinforces his party's anti-tram protest

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Contact details of key figures:
Christopher Dean, Project Director,

Save Ealing's Streets, 020 8998 7360

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Simon Hughes MP visited the local area last week in his continuing campaign against the tram.

During a walkabout at which he was joined by fellow campaigners, Simon Hughes engaged with local residents and businesses.

His party, the Liberal Democrats, believe that the tram would bring a number of negatives to the area including:

  • Lots of traffic will be DIVERTED from the Uxbridge Road into your area. Some locations will see a 20% increase in traffic in their streets – will this cause extra road accidents?
  • The COST is huge and each year the predicted costs seem to rise
  • Local BUSINESSES will be ruined when the High Street is dug up during construction
  • INTEGRATION with train and tube stations will be at a minimum
  • GAPS between tram stops will be much longer than bus stops so the elderly will suffer

Cllr Gary Malcolm, Lib Dem transport spokesperson said “Lib Dems believe in better, environmentally-friendly public transport and instead of spending money on a light railway down a main street we would ensure that bus lanes are not blocked to make the 207, 607 and 427 routes work properly. We would also ensure that Crossrail is built to give faster travel into London.”

Gary added: “Liberal Democrats want to see an enhanced and integrated public transport system with greater bus use, that now have more fuel efficient engines.”


April 11, 2006