New Speed Camera On Trial Locally

No flash camera can read registration plates

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Picture courtesy of Jim Lawes

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A revolutionary new speed camera which can photograph drivers' faces and registration plates is being trialed on the Great West Road near Gillette Corner. The camera does not flash and can be used rear or forward-facing.

The Truvelo D-Cam is a new digital red light camera and speed camera device manufactured in South Africa which claims to be the first that can be used both in mobile speed traps and fixed-camera setups. This flexibility allows the camera to maximise revenues by being a mobile speed trap during the day and switching to a fixed position at night.

The system uses WiFi and GSM to download ticket data stamped with GPS, time, date and location information. Truvelo devices are currently deployed in Brazil and South Africa.

Truvelo (UK) is the Brentford based subsidiary of Truvelo Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd who have been involved in the design and manufacture of traffic related products for over 35 years.

The camera is being trialed at the moment and latest reports indicate that it is not being used to issue fines. Its more widespread introduction would depend on Home Office approval. The design has been criticised by lobby group Safe Speed who say that the lack of a flash will confuse drivers.

June 7, 2007