Borough Commander responds to Conservative claims

Colette Paul gives Police view on Safer Neighbourhood Teams

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Ealing Borough Police Commander Colette Paul has responded to claims that local Safer Neighbourhood Teams are short on officers and are unevenly distributed across the borough.

Last week, Ealing Conservatives highlighted Metropolitan Police figures which revealed that 10 out of Ealing’s 23 wards still do not have the promised compliment of 4 Police and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) as provided for in the Safer Neighbourhoods scheme.

Conservative Spokesman on Community Safety, Cllr Sue Emment said residents had paid for “safer neighbourhoods” teams through the GLA precept on Council tax and said it was unacceptable that so many wards still had incomplete teams in place. She said “The latest Council tax leaflet says that each ward will have at least four officers in place by April. We are more than half way through March and ten wards have three officers or less. I am also concerned at the uneven distribution of officers through the borough. Hanwell, Ealing and Greenford are very short staffed, whilst parts of the borough already have their full share of officers.”

The Borough Commander is keen to clarify the Police's position on Safer Neighbourhoods stating  "This is an area of policing I am passionate about as the teams tackle the quality of life crimes that affect the day to day living of residents, businesses and visitors to Ealing.  The Safer Neighbourhoods Teams have been in operation on eight wards for over a year and will remain a full team. I intended to be ahead of the game and roll out a Safer Neighbourhood Team of four on all twenty-three wards in April this year. However the MPS has recognised the success of Safer Neighbourhoods and so has taken the decision to accelerate the teams right across all wards, a year ahead of schedule.

"There will be a consistent model across London of one Sergeant, one Constable and two Police Community Support Officers and these new ward teams will increase to full capacity of one Sergeant, two Constables and three PCSO’s by the end of the year.

"I am excited to be officially launching the new Safer Neighbourhoods Teams on the 3rd April 2006 at the Town Hall. This will mean that all wards will have dedicated staff that will work with the community to solve issues throughout the borough."



March 29, 2006