Constable's swift action nets mobile phone thieves

Youths apprehended following Ravenscourt Park thefts

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Quick action by one of Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s parks constables has led to the arrest of a group of suspected mobile phone thieves.

While on patrol, Hammersmith & Fulham parks constable, Kelly Goddard, came across four young people who had just had their mobile phones stolen and she sprang to action.

The group had been walking through Ravenscourt Park in the early afternoon last Saturday when they were robbed by four other young people who threatened them, hit one of the group, stole their mobile phones and ran off.

Constable Goddard put the victims in her car and headed in the direction of the offenders, giving details to nearby parks police on the radio. The victims spotted the offenders getting on to a bus and parks police detained them when it stopped.

Police soon arrived and restrained the unruly suspects and found one of them had three of the stolen mobile phones on him, which the youths confirmed were their goods.

Constable Goddard said “When I saw these young people, they told me what happened and my first instinct was to put them in my car and start looking around the park for the offenders.”

“I’m glad the group got their phones back and was happy that I could be there to help. It’s nice to be able to have a win like that.”

Parks constabulary Inspector Stan Davies said Constable Goddard’s quick action deserved special recommendation.

“Helping the public, thinking and acting quickly like she did is all part of the job. We’re proud of the way our staff have been able to help the public.”

Last year, parks police were lauded on numerous occasions, including helping out rescuing victims of a house fire, stopping a car being stolen and preventing an assault.


March 4, 2006