Local MP Attends Sir Bob's Address

Ann Keen joins Sir Bob Geldof and Gordon Brown as Leaders of international debt relief organisations prepare for Washington summit

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Twenty years after the birth of Live Aid, Sir Bob Geldof and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, addressed a meeting of MPs, including Ann Keen MP, Peers, Ambassadors, NGOs, Charities and researchers to rally support for developing countries and Geldof's new brainchild, the Commission for Africa. Ann Keen, a dedicated supporter of international debt relief, has pledged her support for the new Commission.

The meeting was held in Parliament by the Africa, Ethiopia, Heavily Indebted Poor Countries and Overseas Development All Party Parliamentary Groups, on 19 th April, to discuss priorities for development ahead of the World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings which take place at the end of April in Washington.

Ann Keen MP said: �This meeting has confirmed what I said to delegates at the International Debt Relief Meeting I hosted at Christ Church, Turnham Green in March. People power makes the difference. Politicians need to be lobbied to ensure that the Millennium Development Goals and the developing world are not forgotten.

Regarding the Millennium Development Goals and International Debt relief, Gordon Brown said, �It is the power of the people, not politicians that counts. Faith groups, NGOs, Churches and individuals must continue to put pressure on governments to deliver.�

April 20, 2004