Not On A Bike, Not On A Boat and Not In A Car

The only way home after a drink is to let someone else do the driving

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We are all aware that it is an offence to drive a car whilst under the influence of alcohol but how many know that it is also an arrestable offence to cycle on a road or public footpath after one too many?

Every year Police step up their campaign to publicise the dangers of driving whilst under the influence or drink or drugs but the same laws apply to cyclists and indeed river users.

Marine Police Units will be enforcing these laws so whether you are the master or a member of crew on a commercial vessel you may be required to take a breath test under certain circumstances. Recreational users may also be required to take a breath test and prevented from navigating their vessels if found to be over the limit or refuse to take a test.

If found to be over the limit the penalties involved are similar to those for road offences ie. fines or imprisonment.

December 22, 2009