10 New Car Club Bays Launched

Council attempts to tackle traffic congestion in Wandsworth

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For more information visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/carclub


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Wandsworth Council has set aside ten more parking bays on local streets for the exclusive use of car club vehicles.

The move is designed to attract more members to the scheme and brings the borough's total number of on-street hire cars to 31.

The bays are managed by car club operator Streetcar. Another 131 of the company's hire vehicles are available across Wandsworth on privately owned property.

Since the council backed the car club project three years ago the number local members has risen to almost 10,000 - the second highest take up for a London borough.

Wandsworth Council's transport spokesman Cllr Ravi Govindia said encouraging the growth of car clubs is an important means of tackling traffic congestion: "With ten more hire cars on our streets even more of our residents will be able to swap car ownership for car club membership. This helps reduce the number of vehicles on our roads, eases demand on parking spaces and reduces harmful exhaust emissions.

"On average, car owners produce over two tonnes of CO2 each year through their driving. This figure drops dramatically for people who chose car clubs instead of running their own vehicle so it's a very effective way of cutting your carbon footprint.

"Furthermore, it can save you thousands of pounds every year in running costs. In today's tough economic climate this can make an important difference to household finances."

The new on-street car club bay locations are:
• Felsham Road, SW15
• Heythorp Street, SW18
• Swaffield Road, SW18
• Dault Road, SW18
• Wimbledon Park Road, SW19

Streetcar members can book a vehicle online or over the phone and pick it up from a parking bay close to their home or work. Vehicles can be hired for as little as half an hour before being returned to the same spot for the next user.

For details of other car clubs in south west London visit www.carclubs.org.uk

For more information visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/carclub

October 19, 2010