Putney Cricket Club Match Report

Sunday 2nd XI vs Bricklayers Arms - another loss but they "live to fight another day"

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Putney Cricket Club
The Pavilion
Lower Richmond Road,
Putney SW15 1JF


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After a thrashing by the infamous Dulwich the previous week Putney Sunday 2s had a dented pride and a point to prove. No better place to redeem themselves than against Putney’s own local boozer side - The Bricklayers Arms.

Ash surprisingly lost the toss and Putney were put into bat. As the Oppo had only turned up with 9 players Putney were forced to play their Gentlemanly card by giving them Vik ‘safe as houses’ Sehgal and relative newcomer Matt Stephenson as loaned fielders. With a spritely wicket and very effective opening bowlers Putney, openers Woody and Bertie were forced to play defensive and the runs did not come easily. Woody was getting started and made a promising 22. Unfortunately he chipped up the ball to mid-wicket and straight to loaned player Vik who proceeded to celebrate by high-fiving and basking in the praise of the thankful oppo team – good work Vik, was an excellent catch! Putney got a few runs from the likes of Ash (19) and Neil ‘High Tower’ Whyte with a 28 not out. The notable batting of the day was Vik who guided us to the 40 over mark with a steady 37 not out, and Richard ‘ I’m not a batsman’ Wilson (34). With a target of 177 for the oppo to chase Putney were mildly confident we could defend.

A few early wickets from Whyte and Henson and a low run rate upped Putney’s confidence. Their number 3 batsman however dug in as was quickly gathering pace. With 10 overs to go and light fading fast Putney managed to get the effective batsman out with a good catch from Woody keeping wicket. With a cat and mouse fielding tactic with their one remaining good batsman gathering pace it was always going to be a close finish. Unfortunately a solid 4 from the oppo meant they cruised to victory.

Putney 2s however live to fight another day.

Chris 'Kermit' Henson

August 23, 2010