Putney CC Saturday 1st XI Edge Win

Victory by the narrowest of margins against Slinfold


Putney Cricket Club

Cricket in Putney

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An exciting 40 over game in darkest Sussex saw a strong Putney side win by a nose. A hard pitch on the edge of the square came with a distinct slope. Overnight rain ensure the surface was soft but hard underneath; an ideal toss to lose.

Putney batted first and big reputations were at stake. Putney top order proved unable to graft in the tricky conditions. 40-4 in the seventh over was quickly sixty odd for five, most which came from the flamboyant Ratnayake (40). Jamil. RK, Peters and Middleton all perished to the big shot, the ball sticking on the pitch but the bottom line was that they were all caught with the ball coming down vertically. Where was the patience, where the graft?

Sourav Malik (67) and Shaw (32) put on 99 for the sixth in patient style, Malik getting his head down but still punishing anything over-pitched. Brooksy had a few big hits and we were all out 199.

A bright start from Slinfold was soon 25-3 as Middleton, bowling quickly, had one caught smartly by Peters at slip. Jamil got two bowled in two. But the key spells came, perhaps surprisingly, from Trollip and Fenton. Brian tip toed in and put the ball on the spot, back of a length on off or outside with great consistency (despite a rank first ball). Bowling one side of the wicket to a 6-3 field gave them few options. Terrific consistency fully deserved the 8-1-24-1 figures.

Why was this Tony F's first game of the season? Bowling leg spin against slope (to stop it turning too much, no false modesty here), Fents was equally consistent and a little more potent. 8-2-34-3. Come back Tony!

But Slinfold refused to, err, fold. Nine down, an easy stumping missed, 24 needed off three and then 12 off the last, ten off two, six off one and, with Racchit's cool bowling we were home by one run. Easy.

Man of the Match: Sourav Malik


Douglas Shaw

July 21, 2009