Autumn Nights Are Drawing In

Take sensible precautions to minimise opportunistic crime

Autumn nights

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The clocks are going back this weekend and the hours of darkness are increasing. Autumn is the peak time for break-ins and associated anti-social behaviour.

This is the reason the police make such a special effort at this time of year to nip this activity in the bud.

They mount special patrols in areas known for Anti-Social Behaviour and Burglary, and they ask you to ensure you take your own precautions.

While you’re out enjoying yourself, even enjoying the fireworks in your own garden, make sure your house is secure.

• All external doors should be protected by a mortice lock.

• All windows, both upstairs and downstairs, should be fitted with at least one appropriate lock, especially Victorian sash windows.

• Your house should look lived in, even when you’re out. Close the curtains and leave a light on.

• Outbuildings should be secured with a weatherproof padlock.

• When you leave your vehicle, ensure you lock it and take everything with you. Please secure mopeds/motorcycles/cycles to street furniture with decent locks.

• Do not use your mobile phone or any other gadgets in the street without being aware of your surroundings.

Have fun and enjoy yourself this Autumn, but ensure that you keep your wits about you while taking sensible and necessary precautions.

If you see odd behaviour, even if it seems trival take a photo if you can and report it. It may help build up a pattern of information that can help the police.

Telephone 999 in an emergency where there is a danger to life or a crime is in progress.
Telephone 101 for non-emergencies where police attendance is required, to report a crime or to report any other incidents. Calls to 101 have a fixed cost of 15p per call.
Report crime online.
Email your local safer neighbourhood team.

Sign up to to receive emails from local police and neighbourhood watch about issues happening on your doorstep.

November 5, 2018

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