A Letter From the New Metropolitan Police Commissioner

Total Policing to prevent crime, target offenders and care for victims

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Dear Londoners,

As the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner I felt it was important that I outlined to you what my priorities are and how we can work together to ensure that we make the Met the best police service in the world.

It is my intention to build on public trust in the Met and lead a service that criminals will fear, and you will be proud of.

As Commissioner, I have three simple aims: I want us to cut crime, cut costs, and continue to develop the culture of the organisation, and to do all that based on the simple but important values of humility, transparency and integrity.

I want us to do what I call Total Policing - that will mean preventing crime wherever we can, doing everything possible to target offenders when crime does happen, and ensuring that we properly look after victims.

You can help us make London safer. If you tell us information about people carrying weapons,
acting suspiciously or who may have been involved in a crime, we will follow up on it. You can
also use Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

I want you to be able to hold me to account so in the first 100 days as Commissioner I want To:

1) Roll out more widely our programme to tackle gangs into 14 boroughs.

2) Lead a drive to seize uninsured vehicles, as we know that it is often criminals who fail
to insure their cars.

3) Introduce a scheme whereby every month the whole of the Met will focus on tackling
one particular issue across all of London, such as people who jump bail or who are
committing traffic offences. By working together in this way we will be much more

I want you to be able to tell me what is working and what you want us to do better. I will be
coming out to every area of London in the months ahead and would encourage you to come
and talk to me so that we can keep improving our service to you.

I’m very proud to be your Commissioner and I am very proud of the men and women in the
Met. We are your police force and will be working every minute to keep you safe.

Yours sincerely

Bernard Hogan-Howe

October 14, 2011